CLIVE.NL, maintained by Clive.
An interesting site with lots of stuff about Sinclair, Commodore, Atari, MSX, Computers, Retro Computing, Books, Magazines, Software, Hardware. Must see.
COMPUTER EMUZONE, maintained by Karnevi.
This is a very attractive emulation site featuring lots of platforms, including the classic Speccy. Why not go there and check?
FLAT BATTERIES, maintained by Jake Dovey.
Flat Batteries presents you a wide range of emulation stuff for several machines, including the classic Sinclair ZX Spectrum. Interesting location to explore and get entertained for several time.
JONATHAN CAULDWELL HOMEPAGE, maintained by Jonathan.
This website is about the ZX Spectrum games featuring Egghead and Izzy, star of Haunted House. Here you can find information about the author of those games (Jonathan himself), and stuff about some of the many games he has written for the machine since the late 1980s.
LO ZX SPECTRUM IN ITALIA, maintained by Stefano Guida.
Stefano presents a simple but interesting ZX Spectrum site, full of infos and stuff to find! Must see!
RETROSCENE, maintained by Paul.
A very interesting resource of retro gaming systems. It features Amstrad, Atari, Commodore, Nintendo, Sega (Dreamcast / Megadrive) and, of course, ZX Spectrum contents!
SPECTRUM FOREVER, maintained by Ferran Criado.
A nice and appealing site dedicated to the ZX Spectrum, done by a spanish friend. Here you can find news, ROMS, emulators, reviews, wallpapers, loading screens, advertisements, musics and much more.
THE MAD CUMBRIAN'S ZX SPECTRUM, maintained by Stephen Harrison.
This is a simple and direct site, full of contents to be explored. It features Speccy's history, copyright details and free games to download!
THE SHAW BROTHERS SITE (Sick Happy Idle), maintained by The Shaw Brothers.
The Shaw Brothers website. A very interesting compilation of works they did for the ZX Spectrum and other platforms.
THE SINCLAIR LAIR, maintained by Alex Waddington.
The Sinclair Lair is a very interesting ZX Spectrum site. It features classic fanzines, software for sale or wanted, adventure games solutions and some games to download. I guess it has all the elements to be visited. Nice go!
UNIVERSO SPECTRUM, maintained by Mᲊo Castanheira.
The ZX Spectrum sites are spreading largely over the net, and Portugal makes its way to the top. Universo Spectrum is a simple but very attractive and original Speccy site. You can find games to play and reviews to read, as well as Sinclair's peripherals and much more!
World XXI Soft Inc., maintained by Ariel Ruiz.
Ariel presents us a site featuring his own great looking games and other software for ZX Spectrum and compatibles. You should take a look!
WWW.SPECCY.CZ, maintained by Jan Werner.
This is Jan's Speccy site, dedicated to all Spectrum lovers around the world.
A simple but nice looking site with varied contents.
ZX PLANET, maintained by Gavin Fishwick.
Another complete Speccy site, featuring games and covers to download, enterviews and reviews to read and lots of stuff more!


C64 DAYS, maintained by Fabrizio Bartoloni.
This site presents you magazine-styled website about C64 and some other systems. Take a look.
C64 TREASURE, maintained by Mario.
This site welcomes all C64 fans to enter a world of nostalgia - a world where old dreams and memories come true. Here you'll find a lot of games to remember, emulators to try out and a lot of many other interesting Commodore stuff.

PRESS PLAY THEN ANY KEY, maintained by Lex Sparrow.
Lex, another spanish friend, presents us a mix of retrogaming contents, specially those related with Amstrad CPC. It also contains reviews and articles about 8-bit machines (CPC, C64, MSX and ZX Spectrum), as well as comparitions between all them. A site full of nostalgia.


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