copyrights: we need your help!

In order to complete a long and hard work, trying to reach all Spectrum's companies and/or individuals, we need all the help we can gather to find out more about it. So, if you are interested in searching and finding out things about old ZX Spectrum companies and/or games, your help is welcome. Try to find out:

1) Which label belongs to which company.

2) Which company bought out which other one. In this specific case, we need to find out who actually owns the copyrights of an acquired company.

3) Which company ceased to exist and/or has a current undefined copyright status.

4) The contact addresses of Software Houses or individual programmers, directors, artists, etc.

If you reach something you consider important, please e-mail us to:, describing what you found! We're after any kind of useful informations around the world in countries like United Kingdom, U.S.A., Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, and more.
If you can get any answer from any company and/or individual, please send it to us too, as we're keeping an archive of all e-mail answers or informations. Note that we need all these informations in its unmodified form, so they can be considered original, legal and therefor valid.
If you contact a certain company and get no answer, let us say it is normal. Actually, big enterprises are the first ones not to respond, but then again, don't give up and send them another e-mail! This is what we're doing!

If you don't know how to start or what to write, please click here to get our original e-mail - the one we're sending. You should use this file exactly as it is, so the companies can see precisely what Gamestage wants. ** Don't forget to change your name and the company's name you're addressing to inside the file!! **
You can also view a list of Publishers/Developers and their current status here. We'll update it as soon as anything changes, so don't forget to check this list for new progresses.

Beyond the help we request for free distribution of Spectrum's software, we're also trying to gather some people to help us with Spectrum game maps, digitized covers and complete walkthrus, so we can increase Gamestage 's database.
If you can help us with this, send your material to:
Please remember not to send any material larger than 25MB - Try to ZIP it! Thanks.

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