25 FEBRUARY 2015

Dear visitor, first of all, let us THANK YOU for the support given since 1998! Yes, thanks to you, GAMESTAGE is now celebrating its 17th anniversary!

Even knowing we had a long road to a perfect website, we are satisfied to say that we did our best to offer you quality contents related with ZX Spectrum's universe! And that was our aim since the beginnig.
But technology evolved at light speed during all these years and Gamestage wasn't capable of going parallel with it, so that started to frustrate us. We tried to overcome most of the limitations we had, back in 2010, but, at that time, we weren't able to accomplish that mission and ZX Spectrum's fans felt themselves prived from enjoying the best we wished to offer. For all inconveniences, we would like to show our sincere apologies!

However, despite some troubled times along Gamestage's life, a big change to it is about to happen soon! An all-new GAMESTAGE will be revealed to you in a near future, this time ready to meet everyone's expectations and today's browsers' requirements. A new GAMESTAGE that will present itself more alive, intuitive and, best of all, much more attractive! To all of you that stood with us from the beginning, and for all others that just started their journey now, we will still delivering the BEST of Sinclair's ZX Spectrum home computer, assuring even higher quality contents, the addition of new information and increased details to meet your needs!

The fun is about to start. Stay tunned.
THANKS for believing in GAMESTAGE!