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Younger Sir Clive Sinclair

Older Sir Clive Sinclair

All around the world, the Spectrum (also known as Speccy), was the lead to an industry that slowly started to grow in the ludic software world, capable of impassioning everyone who decided to walk along its side. Sir Clive Sinclair, the "father" of that faithful machine, believed in the future of his immortal "son", which grew with our help and will remain alive while its true followers still remind it along the years!

Spectrum was born in 1980, with the love of a big wish. It grew to entertain, give fun and to be a reference to any other future computers. Its youth years were spent in harmony, although next to its rivals, which tried to face it continuously with no severe consequences.
For the time being, all those who don't know this lovely computer will certainly find interesting to see that it remains so young as ever, like a sexy modern machine. All other ones yet well familiarised with Speccy, know that its youth in the present is the proof of a simple and true immortality!

The Spectrum was by far the personal computer which sold better all over the world. In about 30 different countries, 5 million people had at least one modest Speccy, including enterprises and/or families. In England, for example, 15 thousands of computers were sold per week, which clearly demonstrated the success of Sinclair's creation.
Spectrum was not only the most sold computer, but also the cheapest system, capable of producing colorful images and generating sounds and musics. The reduced price allowed almost everyone in the world (in the computer's branch) to have a Spectrum at home. Children were the first target of this computer and next the enterprises, which used it to archive informations and precious data files.
Even schools, libraries or museums had a Spectrum running, not only to store records (in tape), but also to ease the process of finding and organising informations.
Everyone who missed the Spectrum's evolution may actually have a bad or indifferent idea of it. However, all those who walked along with it know exactly its sentimental meaning, and that is the reason why Spectrum is still alive nowadays!

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