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If you wish use any information(s) or materials presented in this site (images, sounds, texts or other materials), please contact us at, and let us help you the right way. Gamestage will then analise your situation and give you an answer according to your case.

Every games presented here to download are authorised from the copyrights holders and/or individuals, who presently have legal rights to allow a free distribution of their software. There are also some cases of companies that do not care for their own ZX Spectrum software anymore, which consequently makes them free to distribute. Other companies are folded and their copyrights remain unknown. We have tried to reach those authors, but unfortunately many of their contacts are unavailable, invalid or unexistent. We are still making those titles available until their author appears to deny them... or not.
In some other cases Gamestage has exclusive authorisations from the copyrights holders and/or individuals to freely distribute their software, which means that not all other ZX Spectrum related sites may have the same authorisation to do so. Gamestage works independently from any other ZX Spectrum sites but may have the same authorisations (or denyings) as them.

As an internal decision and for security reasons, we are not currently making these permissions available to read, as we did in the past. We are sorry for the inconvenience, but we are still deciding how to handle this issue.

The exclusive presented scanned maps are copyrighted to their creators. We ask that you do not modify or distribute these maps without first contacting us or the original creator. Some other maps have no creator's name, so we have decided to host them as a tribute to their unknown authors. If you are one of those unknown authors and don't want your map in our site, please tell us immediately. We will remove them with no questions. If you, in the other hand, are one of those unknown authors and want your name credited here, contact us now. We want to credit you right away!

All interviews done to companies and/or individuals, such as game programmers, musicians, artists and more, are copyright Gamestage. All rights are reserved and no copies, modifications, public expositions, translations or usages of any kind may be done with them without an authorisation from Gamestage's team. If you wish to use any kind of interview or any part of it, please contact us before doing that. For that matter you can use the e-mail address shown above.

All rights are reserved for anything in Gamestage's site. Thanks a lot, dear visitor.

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