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If you have any questions, problems or seek a specific information, please write to: If you want to send us your maps, covers, walkthrus, game instructions or any other materials that you may consider interesting to share with us and other visitors, please also use the e-mail shown above.

Note: When sending maps or covers, w appreciate that you do not exceed 25MB of limit. Any mails larger than this will not be accepted. Thanks.

If you're thinking about getting rid of all your original ZX Spectrum stuff (especially games), please consider selling or offering them to anyone interested, like us! Belive us, many people simply throw away all their original Speccy games, peripherals, magazines and more, discarding lots of lifetime memories along with it. Please DON'T DO THAT! Every single part of the Spectrum's realm thrown to garbage is one more that no longer can recovered! The Sinclair ZX Spectrum deserves a full preservation of its materials, so they may be more than old pieces of the past.

Help us to make the Speccy last forever! - THANK YOU! -
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